Delta Village Council Approves Street Light Replacement Program

Delta Village Administrator Brad Peebles informed the Village Council at their most recent meeting of a Toledo Edison program that would allow all streetlights in the Village to be replaced with LED (Light Emitting Diodes) fixtures.  In his report, Mr. Peebles said the program would allow the Village to pay for the replacements over a 60-month period. 

Currently, there are 208 fixtures within the town, 20 of which were replaced in 2019 at a cost of $4,200.  The 188 remaining lights would be replaced at a cost of $207 each or a total of $38,916.  Spread out over a 60-month period with no interest equates to $648.60 per month.  It is projected that the 208 LED units will each save $2.30 per month in electrical usage giving the Village a payback in approximately 6.8 years.  “I think it’s a very wise and prudent investment,” said Mr. Peebles.  “But more so I think it’s even a bigger issue for safety because these lights are so much brighter.”

Village officials met with representatives from the Fulton County Engineers Office to discuss concerns over the bank erosion of Bad Creek around Greenlawn Cemetery.  The banks of the creek continue to wash away, undermining trees and creating the concern that the erosion will expose burial sites if not addressed.  Bad Creek is under a maintenance program administered by the County and they indicate they will retain services to clear brush and trees that present possible problems as well as place bank protection in required areas to prevent further erosion.  The work is expected to be done this year.

Fulton County Sheriff Roy Miller met with Mr. Peebles to discuss a plan going forward to promote a regional training facility for law enforcement.  It was determined the best logical plan was to work toward finding a central location easily accessible to all agencies.  A meeting is being scheduled with the Fulton County Commissioners to review the idea and solicit the use of county-owned sites to be able to present to all jurisdictions.

The next Village Council meeting will take place on June 7, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. in Memorial Hall.

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