Swanton Village Council Votes to Apply for Playground Equipment Grant

Looking to replace the aging and deteriorating playground equipment at Memorial Park, the Swanton Village Council, as recommended by the Public Service Committee, voted under Emergency Resolution 2021-XX to apply for a grant from Nature Works of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to be used on the Village’s proposed 2022 Playground Equipment Project.   The grant would be a reimbursement for up to 75% but it will be for a fraction of the cost of the total project.

The Village is reviewing several cost proposals for equipment and installation and may be able to save money if it is able to install the equipment using Village labor.  Among other considerations are the types of surfaces the equipment will sit on (rubber matting vs mulch) and the possible consolidation of the equipment to maintain a close proximity for child safety purposes.  A public survey may be taken to solicit recommendations for the playground.  The Village may also reach out to community service organizations for financial and labor donations.

The Committee also discussed the property at 3810 Waterville-Swanton Road with the prospective buyers regarding an eight-inch Village waterline running through the property.  The potential buyers would like to build a house on the property which would include a driveway that would run over the top of the water line but would not make an offer on the property until the issue was resolved.  Placed in its current location in 1938, the water line runs from the Water Plant to what will be a fire hydrant servicing the Cannaley Treehouse Village.

Two options for a resolution were discussed.  One would be for the Council to allow the driveway to be built.  The other would be to relocate the line off the purchased property at the expense of the owner and by a Village-approved contractor.  Mayor Neil Toeppe cited a precedent of a similar nature in the Village that involved a water line being placed under a driveway to bring water to the Silver Buck Development that was approved by Council.  Councilman Craig Rose said the issue would need to be put to a vote and the vote would not be taken at that meeting.

General Updates – The Beard Pavilion Project is on schedule.  The roof has been completed and grading and seeding around the structure is next.  Everything is set for the Fireworks Fest on July 3, 2021.  The “gates” will open at 6:00 p.m. and the show will begin around 10:00 p.m.

After a discussion during an executive session, Council voted to approve the promotion of Swanton Firefighter Kate Cleland to Lieutenant.  Shylie Houston, also of the Swanton Fire Department, successfully completed her six-month probationary period was approved to be placed on non-probationary part-time status.

Picture:  Playground slide at Memorial Park

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