Delta Resident Voices Concerns Over “Eyesore” Property

Amy Walter, who resides at 604 Linwood Street in Delta, spoke before the Delta Village Council at their May 17th meeting to relate her concerns about the condition and appearance of the property at 611 Linwood Street, labeling that residence “quite an eyesore” and listing some of the issues.

“Junked cars, debris in the yard, garbage on the porch, chickens and a rooster and now, a 300-pound pig.  The value of our property on Linwood and throughout the Village of Delta are directly affected by this.  It angers me that residents who owe more than $4,000 in unpaid property taxes are allowed to influence the value of our homes.  Through a mutual contact, I have been made aware that they are delinquent in (land contract) payments to the property owner as well.  They have no vested interest in maintaining the property as they don’t pay taxes and they don’t pay rent,” she said.

“In addition to this, they have shown complete lack of respect for Delta’s elected officials, Delta police, Delta school system and neighbors.” Ms. Walter went on to say the resident had posted online social media comments that were “vulgar, inappropriate and demeaning to Delta and its residents”.  “Recently, I was told that matters were being reviewed by legal counsel.  As an escalation of my growing concern, I appear in front of you tonight for an update and to know what course of action will be taken to resolve these issues,” she said in conclusion.

Brad Peebles, Delta Village Administrator, was the first to respond to Ms. Walter.  “As Ms. Walter indicated, we have had conversations.  There have been reports filed with the Police Department.  I know the Chief (Nathan Hartsock) has been actively working on the situation,” said Mr. Peebles.  “This office has been in communication with Mr. Heban (Law Director).  One of the challenges we have is our zoning code does not prohibit swine.  Unfortunately, pot-bellied pigs are considered, by Ohio Statute, a domesticated animal and our zoning code allows domesticated animals.  We are looking at options to address this.”

Mr. Peebles said he has had conversations with the home owner about the pig and she claims to have documentation to indicate it is officially a 4H project.  However, the local Extension Office said it had no record of the animal being registered as a 4H project. 

“It’s ongoing although it’s not happening as quickly as Ms. Walter would like it.  We are trying to do our due diligence to make sure it’s addressed,” explained Mr. Peebles.  “We agree.  It is not attractive nor is it conducive to any neighbor who would live in that area.  We agree whole heartedly.”

Chief Hartsock said his department had taken enforcement action on the “junk” vehicle and did verify with the Extension Office that the pig was not a 4H project.  However, Mr. Peebles said the pig would still be allowed to remain on the property regardless of its status as a 4H project, “Unless we take action, which would take a zoning change or some type of ordinance to prohibit it completely within the Village limits.”

Several Council members recalled dealing with domesticated animal issues in the past but could remember exactly what came out of those discussions.   Mr. Peebles reminded the Council that those discussions never led to a vote being taken on the issue.  “It’s something we need to be working on,” he said.  He also said the home owner is looking to relocate outside the Village limits which would be an acceptable resolution.

Pictured:  Delta resident Amy Walter addresses Village Council

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