Sidewalks, Shooting Range and Law Enforcement Training Facility Discussed at Delta Village Council Meeting

Delta resident Kathy Moore spoke before the Village Council at their May 3rd meeting regarding the status of a donation of $290 that was left to the Village by her late husband, Robert, to be used for sidewalks in the Delta Community Park.  Ms. Moore said the money was donated in April of 2018 but had not been used for the specified purpose, repairing current sidewalks in the park and installing new sidewalks to make the park more handicapped accessible, allowing easier movement of wheel chairs and other handicap walking aids to get from one field to another.  She also offered to match the donated funds if it would help move the project along.

Village Administrator Brad Peebles responded to Ms. Moore’s comments.  “She’s absolutely correct.  The $290 is part of the fund,” he said.  “But, quite honestly, the Planning Commission has recommended that we also connect the walks to create continuity.  I don’t know that it’s going to totally accomplish what Ms. Moore is hopeful of accomplishing, but it is our intent to construct walks between those areas that are not currently connected so you could continue to walk around and throughout the park without having to walk across the grass.  The cost of that project right now is likely going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000.  It is on our docket to do.  It is something that we can, hopefully, accomplish this year.”

Mr. Peebles also discussed the status of Village properties that had been put up for sale.  He said the Wood Street at Eastwood Street property has an accepted bid and he was waiting on the title search to be completed and anticipated the closing to be within a week or two.  The Madison Street property, approximately 8.5 acres, also had an accepted bid of $17,500. 

There was also talk about the Village constructing a shooting range for law enforcement on the Madison Street property but it was agreed that the funds to prepare the land as well as the construction would be cost prohibited.  Councilman Chad Johnson recommended the proceeds from the sale be used in collaboration with other county communities to construct a law enforcement training facility for all agencies to use.

Mr. Peebles informed Council he had talked with Council members Johnson and Mark Tanner along with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department and the Villages of Archbold and Swanton regarding Mr. Johnson’s recommendation.  “I think that there is a consensus that there is a need for more than just a shooting range,” he explained. “There is need for actual training facilities that are scenario based.  I think that with the current climate in this country and the issues going on surrounding law enforcement and the interaction with the public, you’re going to see a growing demand by the Federal Government to mandate training levels.  And I think that a complex that could be used by all agencies collectively makes a lot of sense.  When it comes to training, if we can do it with six or seven agencies versus trying to do it independently, it also becomes very effective.”

A motion was made to place the funds from the sale of the Madison Street property into a line item specifically designated for the proposed law enforcement training facility.  The motion carried 5-1 with Tony Dawson casting the dissenting vote.

In other news:  The three-year agreement for electric power supply for Village operations has expired.  Energy consultant Palmer Energy has sought quotes obtaining prices and agreement for two years to expire May 2023.  The rate had dropped from $.0455 cents per KWH to $.0338 per KWH.  It is projected, based on a three-year consumption history, the Village will experience a cost savings of $11,000 over the two-year term of the agreement.

Replacement of the Helvetia water tower, which was given a life expectancy of 10 years in 2017, needs to be addressed.  Funding assistance and finance options must be reviewed and pursued in the next couple of years.

With the stats from pool usage reflected a continued decline and recognizing the need for significant investment being needed to maintain and update the complex, careful consideration must be given to the future needs and investment.  With a growing concern over the funding received to maintain the park, the possibility of a Park District was discussed and should be reviewed further.

Review of available grave plots has revealed that based on the current rate of usage, within 10 years Greenlawn Cemetery will be fully sold.  Options for the future should be considered in the next one to two years.

The next scheduled Council meeting is Monday, May 17, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. in Memorial Hall.

Pictured:  Kathy Moore addresses Council

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