Storm Water Rate Disputed, Construction of Beard Pavilion at Memorial Park Under Way

A public hearing was conducted during the April 12th Swanton Village Council meeting at the request of Valleywood Golf Club who was appealing an increase in their storm water charge from a misapplied residential rate of $3.00 per month to a discounted business rate of $67.85 per month.  The storm water charge, it was noted, is separate from the water and sewer rate.  The new rate represented a 30% discount from the original rate of $96.64 per month.  

The 30% discounted rate was the maximum authorized to be granted to Valleywood by Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle and a further discount would have to be approved by the Council.  After a lengthy discussion, the Council ruled the initial discount was fair and would be maintained.  Despite the hearing being requested by the golf club to push for a lower storm water rate, no representative from Valleywood was present to speak on their behalf.

In other news, approximately two years after the Beard Pavilion in Memorial Park was destroyed by a falling oak tree, construction on its replacement has begun as planned and is scheduled to be completed sometime in August.  The main building frame was recently erected and materials for the roof are staged in the park next to the construction site.

In Old Business, the Third Reading of Resolution 2021-XX, authorizing the Village Administrator to submit an application to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) State Capital Improvement and/or Local Transportation Program and to enter into any agreements as required for Crestwood Road improvements was approved.

In New Business, the First Reading of Ordinance 2021-XX supporting and joining the Toledo regional Chamber of Commerce in strongly urging the United States Postal Service (USPS) to consider returning mail processing operations to its sorting facility in Toledo, Ohio was approved.

In General Updates, brush pick up began on April 5th and will continue weekly until May when it will shift to monthly pick up.  There were six water shutoffs on April 5th.  Flushable wipes still continue to be an issue as they do not dissolve as advertised and cause havoc on the wastewater collections system.

Mr. Randall Trausch has successfully completed the Firefighter I course.  Council approved a wage increase to $15.00 per hour which became effective April 18, 2021.

The next meeting will take place in person in Council Chambers on Monday, April 26, 2021 at 7:00 PM.  COVID-19 safety protocols remain in effect.

Picture:  New Beard Pavilion under construction.

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