Swanton’s Brier Cook Headed to Bluffton to Play Soccer

Taking advantage of a great opportunity, Swanton Bulldog Brier Cook has signed a National Letter of Intent to continue his education and soccer career at Bluffton University.  “It’s the best school for me and the best fit,” explained Brier.  “And hey, it’s college soccer, why pass up on that?  They really wanted me so, why not?”

Another attraction for Brier was its close proximity to Swanton being a little more than an hour’s drive away.  “I’m really excited to have all my friends and family watch me there, some of my old teammates, too,” he said.  Brier also cited Bluffton’s academics as a reason to choose the school.  “Bluffton has a great business program,” he said.  “It’s small.  It’s really the size of Swanton but in a college form.”

While playing soccer for the Beavers, Brier plans on studying for a double major in accounting and another business-related field, possibly finance.  He knows playing a sport in college and tackling a double major will be challenging, but he feels he is ready for it.

“He’s a good kid, a lot of personality.  Works really hard and he’s always been in fantastic shape,” said Swanton Soccer Coach Mark Kahl.  “He’s one of those kids you can rely on to play the entire game.  He doesn’t have a stop button.  It’s good to have kids like that on your team.  Coach Kahl also commented on Swanton student-athletes playing a sport in college.  “It’s great to see these kids moving on with their careers and knowing where they came from.  I’ve seen several of them over the past couple of years go up and live that dream,” he said.

Pictured:  Brier Cook signs with Bluffton as mother Anne and father Don look on.

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