Lulu Fare, Swanton’s Newest and Coolest Dining Experience

Have you been to the new eatery on Main Street in Swanton yet?  What about the restaurant that just opened on Airport Highway?  Or maybe the place that serves family style dinners on Zeiter Way?  If not, you and your taste buds are missing out on some incredibly delicious mealtime selections.

To be clear, however, there is only one new Swanton-based business enterprise dishing our great meals.  And it is not a brick-and-mortar establishment confined to a particular address.  It is actually a wheels-and-motor food truck that can set up shop on any street, parking lot, driveway or back yard in the area.  This most recent addition to the Swanton community’s dining choices is called Lulu Fare and is owned and operated by long-time Swanton resident Heather Williams.

“I’ve always loved cooking and feeding people makes me extremely happy and everyone is always receptive to my cooking and says it’s delicious.  It’s always been something in the back of my mind so, with COVID, I didn’t return to the casino where I was working and I ended up buying a food truck to get my feet wet in the whole restaurant, catering business to see what happens,” said Heather, explaining her initial motivation to jump into the food service industry.  “I just decided if I’m not going back to work, I need to start a business.”

And jump into it she did, opening the business in late October, just about one week after she purchased the truck from a colleague at the casino.  “I bought it and I just started booking dates.  Because I knew if I booked dates then it would make me work faster.  It’s always good to work with a deadline,” explained Heather, a self-labeled procrastinator.  “We’ve built a good relationship with Benfield Wines and Majestic Oaks and we’ve got our schedules for the whole year.”

One thing is for sure.  Lulu Fare is not your every-day food truck and Heather is not a short order cook flipping burgers and dropping every kind of breaded vegetable you can think of into a deep fryer.  Her offerings are truly “cuisine” that just happen to be served on paper products.  “The interesting about this food truck, which is different than most food trucks, is my food truck changes its menu all the time.  We have things that are specialties that people really like, like our Blazing Balls and our Pulled-Pork Nachos, different things like that but we change our menu depending on what is going on or what the event is.”

On St. Patrick’s Day, for example, Lulu Fare served the traditional Jiggs Dinner which sold out very quickly.  If breakfast is more to your liking, Heather does that, too.  “I’ll have Shenanigans which is a cheesy potato casserole with sausage gravy and scrambled eggs, bacon, chives and cheddar cheese,” she described.  Or I’ll have a Chorizo Burrito, French Toast or Bread Pudding, things like that.”

Looking for something quick and simple for the family dinner?  Try one of Heather’s family-sized casseroles in a 9×9 or 9×13 pan with a vegetable and bread which are available on Thursday nights when the truck is conveniently parked next to Benfield Wines where the staff will gladly help you pick the proper wine for your casserole. 

Lulu Fare’s menu can be customized from a list of over 100 items that have each been approved by the Fulton County Health Department.  And, Ohio state law allows her Fulton County license to be recognized by all other Ohio counties.

Even though it has been only several months, the Lulu Fare Food Truck has really caught on and Ms. Williams is looking down the road for more culinary-related opportunities.  “I want to start doing cooking classes,” she said.  “I’ve talked to Benfield about doing cooking classes there for adults. And I’m going to look into having cooking classes over the summer for kids.”

This Monday, April 5th, Lulu Fare will be parked at the Hallet Law Offices at 113 West Airport Highway for lunch beginning at 10:30 AM.  It will be the perfect opportunity to sample the tasty wares of a Swanton original.  The marketing slogan for Lulu Fare is “Making Mealtime Magnificent” and it is undeniably truth in advertising.

For more information on this wonderful addition to the list of Swanton community dinning choices, visit Lulu Fare on Facebook or contact them by calling 419-356-3885 or email them at

Pictured:  Heather Williams hand Jodi Gilsdorf a box of “deliciousness” from the Lulu Fare Food Truck

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