Swanton WWII Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

On this day, Saturday, March 27, 2021, the Swanton American Legion Riders, Swanton Mayor Neil Toeppe, television news crews from Toledo, friends and family gathered at the home of Marion Lehman to celebrate and commemorate his 100th birthday as well as his service to his country.  Mayor Toeppe honored Mr. Lehman with a proclamation on behalf of the Village of Swanton which had been read at the Village Council meeting this past Monday and entered into the Village’s official records.

Marion Eugene Lehman was born in a house on Independence Street, now Lincoln Avenue, in Swanton on March 27, 1921.  He lived on West Garfield Avenue until he was 10 years old and later graduated from Fulton Centralized School in 1940.  Seaman First Class Lehman served in the United States Coast Guard from October of 1943 until February of 1946, stationed on the USS Marine patrolling the northeast coast of the United States providing convoy escort and weather support.

Following the war, Mr. Lehman returned home and began to farm, got a job at the Willys-Overland Company (Jeep), got married and raised a family.  In 1960 he built and moved into a home on County Road 4 where he still live today.

Mayor Toeppe read the Proclamation which ended with, “Whereas the Village of Swanton wishes to honor Marion Lehman on the occasion of his 100th birthday, for his service to his country and the Swanton area by his example, his indelible impact on the community and its citizens and the quality of life we enjoy.  Therefore, on behalf of the Village of Swanton and the people of Swanton, I, Neil Toeppe, Mayor of Swanton hereby honor Mr. Marion Lehman for his exemplary life well-lived and wish him many more.”

Pictured:  Veteran of WWII, Marion Lehman receives a Proclamation from Swanton Mayor Neil Toeppe on his 100th birthday.

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