Swanton Schools Superintendent Praises Fulton County Health Department for COVID-19 Vaccination Program

The Swanton Board of Education (BOE) held a relatively short meeting on March 17, 2021 before entering into an executive session.  In his Superintendent’s Report, Chris Lake commented on the efforts of the Fulton County Health Department in administering the COVID-19 Vaccination Program for the District.  “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Fulton County Health Director Kim Cupp and her entire team at the health department for their efforts in getting our staff vaccinated a couple of weeks ago,” said Mr. Lake.   “The level of organization for the event was very impressive and everything ran like clockwork. Everyone who worked the clinic was incredibly professional and kind and took great care of all the Swanton employees who were there. I can’t thank them enough for putting on the event and for helping us to get one step closer to a return to normal.”  Swanton Schools have been in session since the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic school year.

Treasurer Joyce Kinsman presented a list of donations for a variety of funds to the District. The District received $10,000 from Swanton Athletic Boosters to Permanent Improvement Fund (003), $119.38 from Lifetouch to Recreation Program (013), $130.23 from Lifetouch to Swanton High School Principal’s Account (018/9330), $124.51 from Lifetouch to Swanton Middle School Principal’s Account (018/9391), $2,200 from Swanton Athletic Boosters to Athletic Fund (300/0000) and

$1,000 from Soaring Software Solutions to Baseball Team Fundraising Account (300/9511).

The BOE approved an agreement with Perry ProTech for sixty (60) month lease for multifunction printing units and the maintenance terms.  The agreement calls for 60 monthly payments of $1549.35 or a total of $92,961 over the length of the contract.

As part of his Middle School report, Principal Matt Smith said that Mr. Mike Remer, Career Class Instructor, has been working hard with our 7th grade students to get them to think about their future options. The students all give their “dream job” presentations. Students are asked to research the qualifications, education, salary, etc. It is great that the students are starting to think about those options at this point. Mr. Remer starts by giving them some aptitude tests and personality quizzes to get them started.

The Swanton High School Data Team has created a “homeroom period” immediately after 4th period for the purpose of assisting those students who have been affected by quarantine issues due to Covid. Students are able to meet with teachers to get extra help, and those who do not need this assistance are participating in SSR (silent sustained reading) which we believe will help in our goal of improving literacy at SHS. Teachers and students are also creating videos and other media content to help students navigate high school.

The next BOE meeting will take place on April 21, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. in the Central Board Office at 108 N. Main Street in Swanton.

Pictured:  Swanton Local School District Superintendent Chris Lake

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