Racially Motivated Comments Addressed by Mayor of Delta

In a letter addressed to all Delta residents and business partners titled “Delta Village Council’s Commitment to a Discrimination Free Community,” Mayor Frank Wilton reaffirmed the Village’s promise to handle any and all racial discrimination behavior that falls within their jurisdiction in an appropriate manner.  The letter, which was read aloud by Mayor Wilton at the March 15th Village Council meeting, stated: 

Over the past few months, you have likely heard the administration of the Village has been confronted with an issue directly related to racially motivated comments being made in public.  It is also clear that the community wants and deserves to know the elected and appointed leaders of Delta take this very seriously.

At the conclusion of an outside investigation, it was confirmed that employees of the Village were directly involved in the incident or aware and failed to address the situation.  As a result, one employee was terminated and two others disciplined for their inaction.  Since then, all employees have been scheduled to participate in discrimination and harassment training, with supervisory staff participating in additional classes focused on the handling of such situations.

We commit to our residents, business partners and individuals who work or visit in Delta, that this community will not accept this type of behavior from our employees or its leaders.  We ask each of you to assist us in promoting Delta’s motto as being truly “The Community of Opportunity”.

The letter was signed by Mayor Wilton and Mike Tanner, President of the Village Council.

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