Delta Mayor Gives “State of the Village” Address

At the March 15th Delta Village Council meeting, Mayor Frank Wilton gave his “State of the Village” Address to the Council and others in attendance.  The Address read as follows:

As we look back on a very difficult 2020 and the unprecedented affects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must maintain a positive outlook, continuing our efforts as individuals and as a community to remain healthy.

With all the hardships and negative impacts our country and community has endured, there are still many positive aspects within the Village that we must be encouraged by and proud of.   In a time when our national economy is considered flat, Delta continues to recognize the benefits of new industrial and commercial growth.  This is evidenced by an increase in the 2020 income tax revenues, up two percent over 2019 totaling $1,161,719.  In comparison, our income tax revenue in 2015 was $939,372.

Long needed Village projects benefiting from these monies this year are the street resurfacing program with Wood Street being scheduled for new asphalt.  Another project for 2021 will be the change in traffic patterns on Monroe Street to address the growing concerns over the safety of drivers attempting to enter on to Main Street with limited visibility and increased traffic volumes.  Monroe Street will become one-way north bound between Main Street and Palmwood.  Taking advantage of the unused traffic lane, angled parking will be created along the west side of the street in this block adding 12 new spaces.  When incorporating the Village resurfacing projects with the ODOT project which entails resurfacing of Main Street the entire way through town that will include S. Madison Street to the bridge spanning Bad Creek, a significant portion of our surface infrastructure will be new by the end of the year.

In addition to streets, other projects include additional funds being made available for sidewalk improvements.  The Village administration plans to be proactive this year identifying and prioritizing unsafe walks, working with property owners to assist in the repair and replacement of these pedestrian pathways.  The administration will finalize the review and creation of a comprehensive asset management program identifying needed improvements and updates in water treatment and distribution systems.  When complete, this plan will provide a guide where investments should be focused to enhance the integrity of our water system.

The newest corporate partner adding career opportunities within the Village is Nova Steel & Tube LLC, a Montreal, Canada based firm who has purchased and annexed 67 acres of land to the Village, starting site improvements for the construction of a 400,000 square foot manufacturing complex.  When complete, 100 new jobs will be created.  Production at the facility is expected to begin in 2022.

The possibility of connecting the Wabash Cannonball Bike Trail safely into Downtown Delta has continued possibilities as Delta has been invited to submit a grant application to the Ohio Department of Transportation for funding specifically for projects such as this.  The project name has been identified as “Connect Delta”.  We are excited to be one of 81 communities in the state vying for a portion of the $11 million dollars targeted for such an endeavor.

Having been more than 10 years since water and sewer rates were last increased, Council has taken action to raise rates over the next five years with increases of two percent annually.  These increases are required to cover mounting costs of doing business and providing these utilities. 

Being thrust into the position of Mayor earlier this year, I am committed to unifying this community and our elected leadership.  We all should be very proud of what we have accomplished while being very optimistic about the future of Delta.  The remainder of 2021 will hopefully be one of healing while returning to the life we are all anxious to get back to.  Only best wishes for the year ahead.

Pictured:  Delta Mayor Frank Wilton reads the “State of the Village” Address to Council.

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