Art Thomas Rejoins Delta Village Council, Council Chambers Remodeled – 3/1/21

With the sudden resignation of Delta Mayor Bob Gilbert and the subsequent appointment of Council President Frank Wilton to the Mayor’s position, Mr. Wilton’s Council seat became vacant and had to be filled.  The Village advertised to fill the vacancy and received three applications.  At the March 1st Council meeting, an executive session was held to discuss the candidates and, ultimately, Frank Wilton was selected to serve the remainder of Mr. Wilton’s term which will expire on December 31, 2021.

According to Mayor Wilton, the selection will make it easier for the Council to quickly resume activities as normal because of Mr. Thomas’s recent experience, having served on Council as late as 2019.  Delta Law Director Kevin Heban swore in Mr. Thomas immediately after the vote was taken.

In Old Business, Ordinance 21-04, directing the Finance Director to transfer funds from Fund 208 (Fire Fund) to the General Fund was approved on its Third Reading.  Ordinance 21-05, authorizing the Village Administrator to dispose of certain real estate not needed for any municipal purpose passed on its Second Reading.

In New Business, Resolution 21-03, endorsing the Joint Solid Waste Management Plan update for the Solid Waste District of Defiance, Paulding and Williams Counties was approved on its First Reading.

The first floor of Memorial Hall is undergoing remodeling including the Council chambers.  The Mayor and all Council members will remain facing away from the South and West walls but are now situated on a raised platform.  The Law Director, Village Administrator and Fiscal Officer are now seated opposite from the Council.  A new wall has been placed on the North side of the room to decrease the overall size.

The next meeting will take place on Monday, march 15, 2021 at 5:30 PM in Memorial Hall.

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