After Further Review, Swanton Village Council Rules “No Fowl”

Responding to a resident’s inquiry regarding the raising of chickens within Village limits, the Public Service Committee (PSC) of the Swanton Village Council decided not to amend the current local ordinance that prohibits that practice.  Swanton Village Codified Ordinance 90.06 – FARM ANIMALS PROHIBITED, states “No person shall keep or harbor any horses, cows, steer, fowl or swine within the Village.”  Speaking for the Committee after a brief discussion, Councilman Dave Pilliod said he did not see any reason to amend the ordinance that was enacted several years ago.

Also discussed by the PSC were the upcoming Crestwood and Woodside Street Projects.  The updated quote for Crestwood is now at $736,000 which include the construction costs at $638,000 and engineering costs at $98,000.  The Village will be looking for loan and grant funding through the Ohio Public Works Commission Round 36 funding application.  The updated Woodside quote is $108,000 with construction costs at $97,900 and engineering costs at $10,100.  Money allocated in the Street Construction, Maintenance and Repair Fund can be used towards this project which is scheduled to begin sometime in 2021.  Village Administrator Rosanna Hoelzle acknowledged that the two projects will be “messy” and be an inconvenience for residents and motorists but will benefit all once completed.

The absence of policies and procedures for non-school related baseball tournaments at Memorial Park was brought up with the warm weather approaching.  Although there have been no issues with the tournaments in the past, it was decided to more formal process/procedure was needed to ensure all tournament organizers were aware of all regulations including insurance, fees and park maintenance.

The Public Safety Committee discussed the possibility of ordering an Organizational Study of the Swanton Fire & Rescue Division (SFRD) which has been proposed by Mayor Neil Toeppe and would be conducted by the Ohio Fire Chiefs Association (OFCA)  The study will review all facets to determine operational and administrative efficiencies, internal division and community communication effectiveness, personnel development, compliance with local, state and federal law and industry best practices.  It will also determine the current level of service and future response needs of the community.  All areas of review will include a focus on employee safety, safety of the public and risk management for the SFRD and the Village.  The cost of study is $15,000.  After a brief debate on the issue, it was decided to table it for now.

In New Business, two Emergency Ordinances and three Emergency Resolutions were approved. 

Ordinance 2021-XX, Authorizing the Village Administrator and/or the Mayor to apply for, accept, and enter into a Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA) Agreement on behalf of the Village of Swanton for planning, design, and/or construction of Water Treatment Plant Membrane Softening Improvements and designating a dedicated repayment source for the loan.

Ordinance 2021-XX, Vacating an alley in the Village of Swanton.

Resolution 2021-XX, Authorizing the submission and support of an application to FEMA for the Assistance for Firefighters Grant for a vehicle exhaust system.

Resolution 2021-XX, Authorizing the submission and support of an application to the Division of State Fire Marshall for the Fire Department Equipment Grant for hoses and turnout gear.

Resolution 2021-XX, Authorizing the submission and support of an application to FEMA for the Assistance for Firefighters Regional Grant for two-way radios.

The Village is working on an “Open House” to inform residents of the upcoming Phase 2 Water Meter Project.  A virtual option will be recorded.

The next Village Council meeting will be March 8, 2021 at a time and location yet to be determined.

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