Younique Boutique Manager Joins Swanton Chamber Board of Directors

Wanting to be more involved in helping fellow Swanton businesses prosper, Joyce Berry, manager and fashion stylist of Younique Boutique located on North Main Street in downtown Swanton, has agreed to join the Swanton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors to fill a recent vacancy. Younique Boutique, a women’s clothing store, will be celebrating it’s four-year anniversary this coming May and Joyce gives a great deal of credit for their success to the Swanton Chamber and it’s Executive Director, Neil Toeppe. “Neil was a blessing to us. He has really gone above and beyond,” commented Joyce. “Neil was in here at least once a month, checking on us, seeing how we were doing, seeing if we needed anything or could do anything for us.”

In fact, it was a presentation by the Chamber that convinced Younique Boutique to locate in Swanton. “It was really Neil’s doing that made us decide to take a risk on Swanton,” Joyce added. “Because we looked at property in several different communities and it was much of Neil’s doing that made us come here.

Like all small businesses in Swanton and the rest of the country for that matter, the pandemic has had a major negative impact on sales. “Up until COVID things were going very well. You don’t sustain four years in a small business without doing well and being successful,” said Joyce. “The first year we were very dependent on the Swanton ladies and local business. Over the past three years we have expanded to outreaching communities. We now have customers from Maumee, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Wauseon, Delta and Rossford. I even have customers from lower Michigan.”

As a testament to the success of Younique Boutique, readers of the City Paper of Toledo voted the store the “Best of locally owned women’s boutiques” in the area in 2019 which attracted even more customers from outside the Swanton community. And bringing customers from the outside to patronize Swanton businesses will be one of the tasks Joyce and her fellow Chamber Directors will be faced with. “We don’t have a lot of foot traffic in (downtown) Swanton, but we’re working on it,” she said. Joyce has approximately one year remaining on the vacated term but will be eligible to run for another three-year term after that.

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